Author: Carol Gay

Notes From Our Board President May 2021

There’s a busy-ness that comes with the end of the academic year, even in a congregation during a pandemic.

Wasn’t the Coming of Age Service a few weeks ago amazing? I remember how blown away I was by the first Coming of Age service I saw … read more.

UUCC Directory Update

The UUCC Member Directory was reprinted earlier this Month. As is always the case there are updates and corrections to be made. Here’s how to help us fix it and how to get a list of the corrections.
If your entry in the March 2021 church … read more.

Notes From Our Board President April 2021

I know it may surprise you, but as board president sometimes I get emails from people who are unhappy about something the board, or the staff, or a member of the congregation, or the universe did, or didn’t, do. Many times these are thoughtful in … read more.

State of the Congregation 2021

Dear UUCCers,
As you probably know, this year I’ve had the privilege, and challenge, of being the board president here at the Unitarian Universalis Congregation of Cleveland. Today I’m writing you to share a something of a “State of the Congregation.” This is long, so if … read more.

Notes From Our Board President March 2021

The following are some of the bigger topics discussed at recent board meetings:

Technology in the Shaker Building – you may have noticed problems with Sunday Services that force the Worship Team to stop sharing services with YouTube Live. We have an ongoing, and seemingly growing, … read more.

Notes From Our Board President December 2020

It’s Thanksgiving time as I’m writing this, and I thought I’d share some gratitude that I have this year. I thought this would be easy and started writing a list of thanks. Whoa, not so easy – I quickly realized there is no possible way … read more.