Author: Operations Council

Building Closures November & December

Holiday Closures

The Shaker Building will be closed for the holidays:

Thursday, November 24, for Thanksgiving

Friday, November 25, for the day after Thanksgiving

Sunday, December 25 through Sunday January 1

If you have a group that needs access to the building on one of these days, please contact our … read more.

Operations Council Report June 2022

Attending: Mike Carney, Sharon Edmund, Carol Gay, Allan Georgia, Ray Gonzalez, Rita O. Jackson, David Kantor, Ken Kuehm, Michael Kuehm, Randy Partain


Air flow plan: Ray and Ken will continue to look for a very quiet but powerful fan.  

Sound system for the hearing impaired: 7/19 installation … read more.

Operations Council Report May 2022


Air flow plan: We will continue to use our current fans to blow air out until the outside temperature is in the 70-to-75-degree range then we will switch to blowing air in. Ken reported that he has spoken with HVAC vendors and they report that … read more.

Operations Council March 2022


Air flow plan to improve circulation to help combat Covid 19:  This will be referred to B&G to to begin implementing it. An Air King window fan will be purchased as a prototype to determine if its noise/pitch level will be low enough for Sunday … read more.

Operations Council Report February 2022

Attending: Mike Carney, Sharon Edmond, Allan Georgia, Ray Gonzalez, David Kantor, Rev. Randy Partain; Absent: Ken Kuehm, Michael Kuehm. 4:05 to 5:10 PM


Air flow plan: Scott Armour, the industrial hygienist, will be conducting his third site visit on 2-23-22.

Sound system update: Mike reported that he … read more.

Buildings & Grounds Report February 2022

Here is another in the periodic reports from UUCC’s B&G team about the progress on major projects and other efforts to maintain and improve our physical surroundings.

Major Projects
* Repair the roof leak and replace ceiling tiles and floor tile near the skylight on the second … read more.

Operations Council Update December 2021


Industrial Hygienist did a preliminary survey, provided recommendations for air flow in the Sanctuary implemented on 12/12/21. Additional building recommendations forthcoming.

All Pro Integrated Systems selected vendor for new sound system, approximate start in 6 to 8 weeks.

Buildings Grounds

Paul Thompson Roofing contracted to repair roof will … read more.