McKimm Fund Projects Quarterly Report

Our McKimm Fund projects have launched! The Strategic Investment Task Force 3 (SIT3) has been asked to report to the Board quarterly as to progress, successes, and potential issues. This is the first of our Quarterly Reports.

A Congregation Pop-up Session was held on September 17 after the Sunday service. These sessions serve as a way for congregants to learn about these projects which represent a significant investment of Congregation resources – both financial and time. Look for the next pop-up the latter part of January.

Two members of SIT3 (team members: Laurie Albright, Alicia Burkle, Carol Gay, David Kantor, Tom McKenna, Terry Robbins, Molly Watkins) are assigned to each project to help monitor and support implementation of initiatives.

Project Updates:

Archives: “Bringing Our Congregational History into the 21st Century”

Running ahead of schedule. Acquired much of needed equipment. Significant amount of material sent for digitization. In process of reviewing materials from Society. (Jan Devereaux lead; SIT3: Molly Watkins/Terry Robbins)

Bail: “Dream No Small Dreams: Partnering with the Cleveland Bail Project”

Original September start up reconsidered and moved to January 2024. Job descriptions for program manager and volunteer navigators developed, program manager position posted, significant interest in position. Request for Cleveland Foundation grant in process. (Pat Dillard, lead; SIT3: Carol Gay/Molly Watkins)

Energy: “Energy Efficiency Project”

Contract with external resource executed in early August. Building inspection completed, awaiting draft of report. Report arrived towards the end of October. Developed plan to encourage members of the congregation to get home energy audits and follow up on audit recommendations. (Dell Salza lead; SIT3: Alicia Burkle/Tom McKenna)

Water: “Water for the Community Garden and Other Improvements for Community Engagement”

Water pipes have been installed from the UUCC building to the community garden, some new and replacement external faucets installed (some paid for from B&G budget). Portable fire pit has been ordered, some other “improvement items in process. (Debbie Wright lead; SIT3: Alicia Burkle/Laurie Albright)

Youth: “Youth Community Academy”

Right on schedule. Team working very well together. Have developed and posted job description for part time coordinator, and in the period beyond September 30 have identified multiple candidates to be interviewed for the position. Much time and effort spent on meeting with potential community collaborators and internal UUCC stakeholders. Plans in gear to offer a grade 7-9 Owl program as the inaugural Academy module in winter 2024. (Heather Craigie lead; SIT3: Laurie Albright/Terry Robbins(

Please contact any of the above named people for further information on any of these projects.
David Kantor
for SIT3