Approved October 11, 2022

No UUCC member should derive substantial personal monetary benefit from a McKimm Fund grant. If a proposal team anticipates that a portion of an award, such as an amount representing compensation, may be done by a congregant, it should be clearly stated in the proposal.

Members of UUCC, including the SIT Force, hold positions of influence and authority in other organizations which may be identified in grant proposals. SIT Force members and proposal teams alike are responsible for identifying in writing their roles in other organizations that may cause questions to arise at the first opportunity.

If a SIT Force member was involved in drafting or otherwise supporting or submitting a Letter of Interest, that fact must be disclosed by the SIT Force member and the proposal team in the LOI. No SIT Force member may participate in the discussion or vote on a grant proposal they or a family or household member have submitted as an LOI.