New Art Wall Needs Intergenerational Work

Are you a quilter, photographer, or work in any flat art medium? If so, create something to represent UUCC values and spirituality. Thanks to Cat White’s donation there are a variety of frames that are available for you to fill. You may select a frame in Fellowship Hall over the next couple weeks if you draw, or do watercolor or pastel paintings If your work is on canvas, it can hang either unframed or framed; if you frame it, please attach the wire for hanging. If you are a photographer, images should be at least 11×14 inches. Submissions should be accompanied by a short explanation of how the work is an expression of our values and spirituality. This will hang with your piece. The goal is to have the display in place from three to six months. Plans are to seek out new works in the future. If you have questions, ask Debbie Kuehm.