Lou Salza

Search Committee Candidate

Email: Lou.Salza@gmail.com

What is your background at UUCC? (one sentence) Dell and I joined in order to find a place where we and our grandaughter then 4 years old could find a spiritual community 

What committees, groups, and other ways you’ve been involved at UUCC: I serve as co-chair of the 2020 Stewardship Committee and have agreed to serve on the Finance Committee beginning this Fall. I am a member of the Men’s Covenant Group, and Dell and I serve as co Facilitators in the Beloved Conversations anti-Racism initiative. 

Why are you interested in serving on the Search Committee? I am a retired independent school headmaster. I have had 30 years of experience serving on search committees,and being in in searches as a candidate. I have seen and experienced searches from every point of view. While the governance and goals of independent schools are distinct from any church or congregation, in any executive level search, the requirements for candor, clarity, confidentiality, thoughtful and authentic engagement of the broader community in the process, and penetrating reference checks are essential elements with which I have extensive familiarity. Thus, I feel I can contribute to what is probably one of the most import processes on which the board and congregation will embark.