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We also publish a number of Rev. Joe’s sermons and Wisdom from the Global Scripture (words from the modern world — books, documentaries, blogs, comics, and more) readings right here!

Pandemic’s Silver Linings

See this service on YouTube.

We explore the changes and lessons learned from a year in isolation. Despite the hardships, there are some positive lessons to take away from this forced time away.

Worship Leader: Andrew Watkins

Worship Assistants: Debbie Kuehm, Erin and Jeremy … read more.

Books that Moved Us

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We celebrate the wisdom and joy to be found in books. Several members of the congregation share and reflect on lessons learned from cherished books.

Worship Leader: Peggy Lagodny

Worship Assistants: Jeremy & Erin Holmes, Melissa Vandergriff, Meg … read more.

Coming of Age

See this service on YouTube.

Our 8th graders share their talent and wisdom along with the current state of their credos.

Featuring: Stella Glesius, Sophie Watkins, and Micha Yoo