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Surrendering to Mystery

It feels good to be certain about something. Our brains love certainty. When we’re sure about something, we don’t have to think about it or figure it out. We just know it to be so. And yet, our faith tradition encourages us to embrace the … read more.

Building a New Way

Our congregation is evolving. We are learning new ways of being with one another and with the world around us, but what exactly is changing? If we recognize that we are evolving, how is that evolution happening? What is it that we are evolving toward?

Facebook … read more.

The Missing Ingredient

The practice of breaking bread together as a spiritual community is an ancient tradition. It has meant many things to different people throughout time. What does it mean for us, as Unitarian Universalists gathering in physical and virtual spaces in our particular and peculiar time? Are we using an old recipe for the bread we break together? Or are we willing to consider what ingredients will yield the sort of Beloved Community for which we yearn?