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Whose House Are You Living In?

We often live in houses we didn’t build. We often seek belonging in communities we didn’t create. Maybe we wonder why things are done a certain way. Maybe we assume someone had a good reason and leave it at that. Sometimes, we live like we’re … read more.


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As we cross this threshold of the church year, we bring water to symbolically represent our various journeys. As we pour our individual waters into a common vessel, we acknowledge that … read more.

A UU Guide to Epic Road Trips

Have you ever taken a road trip with other people? How did you decide where to stop for lunch? Or what music to listen to? Did you set some rules ahead of time, or realize some challenging boundaries mid-way through the journey? We could look at our community as being on a bit of a road trip together. We’re on a journey toward something none of us could create on our own. We have a vision for where we want to go. How do we journey together in a way that honors one another and our Unitarian Universalist identity?