The Hawk

The monthly newsletter from the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Cleveland.

Operations Council Update December 2021


Industrial Hygienist did a preliminary survey, provided recommendations for air flow in the Sanctuary implemented on 12/12/21. Additional building recommendations forthcoming.

All Pro Integrated Systems selected vendor for new sound system, approximate start in 6 to 8 weeks.

Buildings Grounds

Paul Thompson Roofing contracted to repair roof will … read more.

Operations Council Update November 2021

Regathering MattersAir purifiers with HEPA filters acquired and in operation in sanctuary and other areas that may contain larger numbers of people to optimize indoor safetyAdditional units being orderedRefinements being made to indoor worship service operations routinely as issues are being identifiedExample: Blue “x” denoting … read more.

Notes From Our Minister November 2021: Holding History

Through October, we explored “cultivating relationship” from a few different perspectives. In the weeks ahead, we’ll be “Holding History” in services about justice, tradition, and carrying light forward in our lives and community.

History has become a tricky topic. Especially for people who affirm and promote … read more.

Notes From Our Board President November 2021

Fall is in full swing and we’re getting in the swing of services back in the Sanctuary. It’s a good feeling. I’m pretty impressed by our ability to adapt to this changed environment. If you haven’t yet attended an In-Sanctuary service, we have extra board … read more.

Notes From Our Board President October 2021

Presidents Letter

Fall has arrived. That beautiful time filled with apples, pumpkins, colorful trees and crisp air. Unfortunately, this year it’s also filled with tiny, sometimes deadly, virus particles. Many of us thought the pandemic would be behind us by now (seriously, how is it not … read more.

Operations Council Update October 2021

Meetings: 2021-09-02 and 2021-09-16

2021 Operations Council Update for September 2021

Items which were addressed by the Operations Council during our recent meetings:

Regathering Procedures

1.   The ReGathering Committee has continued to meet at least once every two weeks. It has produced a document to guide the Board in it’s … read more.

Musical Happenings October 2021

Hello UUCC members and friends,

We’ve arrived on the doorstep of autumn, a season which holds some of our most spectacularly beautiful days, but also one that is tinged with sadness as the daylight retreats and winter’s cold begins to encroach upon us. One of my … read more.